Tuluminati House

This decoration had as main objective to transmit the essence of Tulum. Its beautiful views of the area’s original tall trees make you feel like you’re in the heart of the Tulum jungle. The main requirement in this decoration was to work with materials and handicrafts of the area, which makes you appreciate the beauty of textures and natural finishes within the department.

This apartment is for holiday use of its owners and rent AirBnb. Its owners took care of every detail so that their future guests want to relive the Tuluminati experience.

If you want to see the «Before» of this department we invite you to visit our instagram, Click here.

Tulum Vibe:

It is a decoration characterized by the colors and natural materials of the area with some influence of the industrial style. Each environment is designed to connect with each other, regardless of whether you prefer to be outside or inside there will always be communication between guests.

This apartment is for of its owner´s vacation and to be rented as AirBnb, it is in Aldea Zama, just a few minutes from the beautiful Tulum beaches.


This decoration combines sophistication with natural touches that its materials and colors prov ide, trying to match its beautiful ocean view.

This apartment was not able to be rented for a long time, it had a lot of unnecessary and recycled furniture from other departments. We selected furniture, we changed its distribution, we added some color and decorative details to make it more appealing for users who want to rent long term and this was the outcome.

Terracotta study:

Our starting point for this decoration was its beamed ceiling exposed so we implement the Farmhouse style.

This apartment spent a long time trying to be rented for AirBnb without success, it had deteriorated furniture with a very modern style that was not suitable to be in a beach environment. We changed almost all the furniture, we only reused the sofa bed since it was still in good condition, we added decorative details and even spaces so that owners can transmit messages and information to their users «My house, your house» and this was the result.

Natural Harmony:

This property is for the owner vacation use and to be rented at AirBnb, so they wanted to develop a combined natural environment with pastel colors.

When taking this project, it already had the gray sofa and gray beds industrial style. We were able to take advantage of the sofa and beds since we upholstered the headboards and complemented the sofa with decorative items, and this was the result.

Blue Studio:

When it comes to small spaces, every inch counts, this studio had furniture that was not according to its dimensions so it was neither attractive nor functional to its prospective tenants. The owner’s requirements were to create a relaxed and cozy environment using shades of blue and this was the result.

Tip for small spaces: it is important to pay great attention to the dimensions and select light furniture in sight.

Contemporary Room:

Users already had the basic furniture for a room: bed, bureau, and curtains; but they were still not satisfied with the result. Our proposal was to follow the same style and colors selected for the rest of the furniture, decorative items and accentuation with decorative moldings on the walls and this was the result.

3D Design and Renders:

Many times we have properties that are not fully adapted to our daily needs, for these cases I recommend The 3D design as it helps us to visualize the possible adaptations and solutions for each space, working like this we can make the investment in a safe way.

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